Here are a few ways that you can tell people that "Hey, YOU got a Guy. . . " 


* Copy into an email you are writing your friend for introductions

* Bring your relative to a RLTR MBA event like the tree trim a the Zoo or Men's Whirlyball

Suggest your co-worker signs up for one of our RLTR MBA monthly Web Workshops

* Forward the RLTR MBA Hotline phone number, 708.533.7908 (for calls or texts)

* Recommend to they bring their family to the RLTR MBA Real Estate Fair

* Make your screen saver

* Tattoo "You got a Guy . . . " on your forehead!


Your referral and recommendation of the RLTR MBA Way 

to your friend, relative, and co-workers is an honor.


From "YOUR GUY" ~ Christopher, MBA