Why should THIS realtor be YOUR realtor for BUYING and for SELLING?


For Buying:

Experience - I view, on average, over 250 properties a year, multiplied by over more then a decade in the real estate industry. These viewings have helped me gain a high level of experience that saves buyers time since in most cases I can make an analysis of the buyers needs and compare it to what I have seen in different areas, price ranges, and styles. Also, I have gained a considerable knowledge from my first hand experience working with one of the home inspectors in the industry. That knowledge helps me identify potential problems for buyers even before they put an offer in on a property.


Buyer Booklet - I offer all of my buyers an informational booklet when we start to work together. The booklet includes a vocabulary section I have personally written in easy to understand terms, a section of timelines so that the buyer has reasonable expectations and a heads-up on what they are going to need to do, such as get in touch with attorneys, call utility companies, etc. I also include an information page on service providers such as attorneys, lenders, and home inspectors.

*Unlike other realtors, I don't just give you a name and a number, I give you an explanation as to why this professional is a recommendation.


Standing Appointments - Each buyer that I work with will have a standing appointment with me weekly. This way, the buyer doesn't have to worry about being "worked into" a calendar, and likewise, the buyer can be able to plan their normal schedules to include house viewings without having to build their schedules around a realtor's calendar. 




For Selling: 

Learned under top Agents - From my work directly with TOP AGENTS, I have learned what "tools" historically have worked in the industry. This knowledge has helped me create a marketing plan that is "time tested". That plan is one of the ways that I am different from those who are "rookies" in the industry, and equal to "seasoned" agents.


Degreed Professional - As a degreed professional, I am able to take the skills that I have learned within the industry and understand how and why they work. By knowing what works, I can save the sellers time (marketing time) because we won't have to "try" to see what works. By knowing why these tools work, I can invest specifically in the tools that are going to work for the seller, allowing me to stay competitive on my commissions since I have avoided unnecessary overhead costs on tools that don't work. 

*According to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, as of November of 2011, about 10% of realtors NATIONWIDE have graduate degrees. I am part of that only 10% since I have a masters degree (MBA) with double concentrations (Marketing and Entreprenuership).


Office Experience - I began working in the real estate industry as an office assistant. As an office assistant, I took part in the WHOLE transaction of listing a property. From inputting, to maintaining, to filing the paperwork. This experience is beneficial to my sellers because I can streamline their transaction as well as give them a heads=up as to what is going to be expected of them and when. Since it is not required to work your way up to being a real estate agent, few agents have started at this entry level position, so few can navigate the transaction at the same speed and same expertise as I can navigate it.


So whether you are buying or selling, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs!