Listing Tips from "YOUR guy . . . 

~ Realtor Christopher, MBA of RLTR MBA, Inc. ~

Tip #1: Take pictures of your rooms before you paintBuyers see the room through the lens of a camera, not through your eyes. Pick paints and move furniture based on what looks best in the pictures.

Tip #2: Move paint cans into your living roomPainting your rooms will get done sooner if you have to avoid paint cans in your living room every day! The paint cans will also occupy the space so it can’t be used for clutter.

Tip #3: Create your DMS.** Your DMS, or designated moving space, is the area where you store your seasonal decorations, furniture that is not defining a room, and anything you won’t be using before you move.

** Keep your DMS clean and organized. Buyers will understand that you need to store stuff, but they will expect it to be organized. You only have one chance to make a first impression. A good first impression could increase initial offers thousands of dollars and decrease market time by days or even weeks! 


Tip #4: Prominently Display your address. You want to make it convenient for a buyer, who may not know your block, to be able to easily find your house.

Tip #5: Replace your “Welcome” mat. A welcome mat should be welcoming. If it is worn and used, then a buyer will feel that the house is worn too.

Tip #6: Paint the mailbox, shutters, and door. Adding fresh color to these small but noticeable features of your exterior will draw your buyer’s attention to the house. 


Tip #7: Complete exterior projects. Finish your outside painting and landscaping before the winter weather arrives with cold temps and snow. It is your advantage to have them done now before your neighbor does them in the spring.

Tip #8: Donate to De-Clutter. Donate the stuff around your house you don’t need. You can go to the “RLTR MBA Charities” link on for suggestions of charities currently accepting donations.

Tip #9: Call ”YOUR GUY…”. Call Christopher, MBA today to schedule the RLTR MBA staff to take pictures of your exterior NOW while your grass is green and has no snow. RLTR MBA will store the pictures until you list your house.