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If you are looking for a referral for a referral for a professional (attorney, contractor, lender, etc.), click on one of the listed professions listed in the web box above, or give "Your Guy" a call!

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If you are looking to refer Christopher, MBA to your friends and family,

here are a few ways that you can tell people that "Hey, YOU got a Guy. . . " 


Copy christopher_doyle@ameritech.net into an email you are writing your friend for introductions

Bring your relative to a RLTR MBA event like playing RISK with Veterans or Annual Guys Afternoon

Suggest your co-worker signs up for one of our RLTR MBA Web Workshops

Forward the RLTR MBA Hotline phone number, 708.533.7908 (for calls or texts)

Recommend to they bring their family to the RLTR MBA Real Estate Fair

* Make www.ChristopherDoyleMBA.com your screen saver

* Tattoo "You got a Guy . . . " on your forehead!


Your referral and recommendation of the RLTR MBA Way 

to your friend, relative, and co-workers is an honor.


From "YOUR GUY" ~ Christopher, MBA