You can be and feel your best when you make exercising a habit in your daily life.

Stay motivated to keep going and meet your personal summer fitness goals.


We are RLTR MBA FANs - will you join us?

-- The Staff of RLTR MBA, Inc.


All participants will receive a RLTR MBA FAN shirt and RLTR MBA sports bag to help them get started.

PLEASE let us know how you are doing in reaching your goals.

* Keep a record of the daily miles you child runs in a week and forward me their progress so I can add it to the totals of all of our FANs.

* Let us know how you stay motivated so we can let other FANs know some ways to stay with what they are doing to be and feel their best. 

* Share some of your tips on being healthy besides running (what are you eating, what other activities are you doing, etc.)